About Shivpuri Camping : 15% Discount on Deluxe Camp Package

Shivpuri Camp is the cheapest and heart-touching camp, which is full of luxury as well as all the qualities, this camp itself is a great specialty of Uttarakhand. This camp is made for every type of guest; there is no problem in any way.

It's miles full of different facilities, located in the lap of nature, this camp in the village and village draws the Rishikesh camp, where there are beautiful lovely perspectives all around, which indicates the artwork of nature. In fact, after coming to this luxurious camp, it is recognized what beauty is in any case.

Stay within the herbal splendor and enjoy your stay. See the top notch view at the same time as tenting in Rishikesh. This location is famous for hiking, expeditions, amusement and such extraordinary a laugh along with your buddies or own family.

There are many luxuries tenting in Rishikesh that you may visit but address us we will offer you unheard of services and all camps are low cost campsites in Rishikesh tenting. Your plans for riverside camping will never move in vain as we are constantly seeking to offer a comfortable live to all.

AC camping in shivpuri

Deluxe camp in Shivpuri

Apart from being a luxurious camp, here you will get to see that it is surrounded by picturesque views of nature. Features of Shivpuri Deluxe Camp.

So that every visitor who comes here also loses these qualities, such is the strength of the camp. This camp is one of the most beautiful camps in Uttarakhand which is located in Rishikesh.

The quality of this camp is so beautiful that every tourist here can take full advantage of it and it gives an impression that this luxury camp Shipuri located in our Uttarakhand is full of beautiful scenery.

Luxury camp Shivpuri

Beautiful views are seen in the luxury camp, but at the same time, the mountain ranges can also be seen here with great love. The camp is surrounded by mountains and mountains.

It seems that on seeing the camp, the mountains can also be camped. The beauty of it has forwarded it towards itself. And because of these mountain ranges, the beauty of Shivpuri luxury camp must have been added to the beauty of the camp.

Apart from being the land of Uttarakhand, it is also a symbol of beauty. Here the snow-capped mountain ranges make a person feel engrossed.

Jungle camp in Shivpuri

Lovely wild animals enhance the beauty of right here, you'll get to see a few stunning wildlife here. Which roam across the camp and entertain the tourists? Uttarakhandi meals and dishes decided on from everywhere are to be had inside the camp; here tourists order most effective Uttarakhand s dishes, which are available in the camp.

Not only this, however the identity of the whole of Uttarakhand is hard rice, lentils, rice, many gadgets are to be had on order inside the camp. After consuming which the guest seems very glad.

Riverside camp in Shivpuri

A beautiful river is also located at a distance of 200 meters from camp, wherein the visitor can come and cross very without difficulty. And if you do now not want to visit the river, then a lovely swimming pool is also placed within the camp complicated, smooth water is available inside the pool of the camp.

The pool is cleaned each day and not using a lawsuits whatsoever. The cleanliness of the camp is looked after very tons in order that no filth is seen inside the camp premises. There are beautiful flowering plant life in the lawn and lawn inside the camp, for which separate gardeners are stored inside the camp so that there's no shortage of plant life.

Surprise aside, Shivpuri could be very obsessed on the idea of staying in a luxury tent camp, especially for households with young kids. Reflect on consideration on a night or of luxury camping by the river or at the edge of the maximum iconic mountain surroundings.

For all of us who wants to add a detail of flora and fauna and journey to their tour, right here we percentage our top 34 luxury camps in Shivpuri: Shivpuri camping Riverside Camp is a low-price and cost-for-money campsite that offers numerous journey and camping activities. at some stage in their stay on the camp, resident visitors also get a danger to take inside the beauty of nature from the camp premises.

Shivpuri camping Riverside Camp is located amidst lush inexperienced hills with stunning trekking routes. A quick 2-3 km trek in the vicinity can yield a trek of 25 km. Shivpuri camping Riverside Camp is a vacation spot for those looking for adventure and peace.

Rafting and Camping

Camps activities are also included during camping; of which rafting is an important part. Whoever comes to stay in the luxury camp, then they definitely enjoy rafting.

No human can live without rafting because rafting is the identity of Rishikesh Dev. Bhoomi and the pride of the camp and along with rafting, all the activities related to the river are done.

Yes. In which there are activities worth full money like body surfing and much more, whichever guest is there once. Will definitely come again after seeing our facilities and service.

River Activity

Enjoy your stay in the lap of nature with adventure activities, river treks, waterfalls, and spectacular views. Surrounded by the beautiful village of Kathia. Riverside Camp in Shivpuri is located near the river and just 30 minus drive from Rishikesh and just 12 km from Tapovan.

Our camp offers a beautiful view of mountains from each tent and an open environment. of adventure sports and activities. Guests can indulge in activities such as trekking, rappelling, zip-line, Burma bridge, bonfires, and music.

Team Activities and Companions

Each of the 34 luxury tents is ultra-stylish and comfortable while at the same time being eco-friendly and not compromising on protection. Double beds have been installed in each tent in the camp, which includes washroom; all facilities are included in the camp,

the guest cannot return disappointed from our camp from anywhere because the camp has been made according to the guest that our guest material and material pleasure is our Can be picked up by Camp's Service. And in our camp so many facilities are made available to the guest that there is never any complaint.

Sports at Shivpuri Camping

  • Hiking, Fishing, hen watching, Gola forest variety, River Crossing, mountain climbing.
  • Rappelling, fun games within the river, bonfire, bungee jump mountaineering, badminton, chess / carom board.

  • Room Information

    We've got 34 luxury rooms available. these luxury rooms are available always in which you'll get easy 24/7 hours. there is no doubt approximately it. it's far stated that there is simplest one such camp in Rishikesh this is made available 24/7 as in line with visitor, that is the cause that our camp comes at primary no longer only in Rishikesh but also in Uttarakhand.

    And the room is geared up with a strength backup and air cooler, the washroom is likewise provided with water. there may be no scarcity of any kind in the room. This camp is 100% guaranteed. Even in case you discover any scarcity, the camp provides all sorts of centers to the visitor.

    Beach Camping in Shivpuri

    luxury camping in shivpuri

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    Riverside Camping in Shivpuri

    riverside camping in shivpuri

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    ac Camping in

    ac camping in shivpuri

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    Jungle Camping in Shivpuri

    jungle camping in shivpuri

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    AC Cottages in Shivpuri

    ac cottages in shivpuri

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