Luxury Camping in Shivpuri : 25% Discount on Luxury Camping Package

Luxury camping in Shivpuri or luxury Camp package, The Shivpuri luxury camp is located 11 km from Ram Jhula on banks of river Ganga in Rishikesh. The camp has a very beautiful view of the mountain and forest. It has 34 Swiss camps.

Each camp has attached bathroom, Air cooler / air conditioning and power backup. Camp has gardens. Dining hall is also there. And there a complete system of cold RO water And Hot water and beautiful swimming pool. And the full arrangement of Wi-Fi Zone in the camp.

And River is also located at distance off 150 m, and The distance of 8 km is also a beautiful Neer waterfall.. Guests are warmly welcomed in our camp, as it is in Uttarakhand, "Atithi Devo Bhava".

beach camping in shivpuri

It is believed that in the same way, in our Rishikesh camp also by our staff and more and more efforts are made by us to show our guest with love, respect and nature.

Be able to lead the opportunity to enjoy them in a camp full of beauty The guest is no less than God in our camp Along with Rishikesh luxury camping.

We also offer adventure activities. due to which the guest gets a lot of happiness and we are always ready to make the guest Happy because us. Luxury camps Shivpuri or Rishikesh camping has always wanted our client to be happy.

Shivpuri Camping with River Rafting package

Shivpuri Rishikesh Luxury camping and rafting in Rishikesh always attracts s guests from all over the Country. And abroad and enjoys new activities, it has always. We also take care of our guest with the best of camping and rafting with best facility and provide best offer to our guest so that guest can enjoy Shivpuri camping Rishikesh as well as rafting guest are very satisfied with this offer and Take advantage of the maximum quantity packages.

Been our endeavor that our keep Guest enjoying new activities and happy to visited Rishikesh. The Luxury camping in Rishikesh package with a rafting included, in this activities client have a lot of fun, 15 kms, jumping for rock and floating, best class rafting with wetsuits PFD, Helmets.

Jungle camping in Shivpuri, Rishikesh

The natural forest scene around our camp is very much liked by our guest. The view of the forest is very attractive and this camp looks even more beautiful with natural beauty. The view of the forest is also very beautiful, so that here it is also known as Jungle Camp because this camp is surrounded by beautiful jungle scene from all sides which makes our camp even more beautiful, it has always been our endeavor. Enjoy this jungle camp to the fullest and it is always our endeavor that guest enjoy and for their happiness, we provide all facilities to the guest, the river is situated within a radius of only 200 meters of our camp, whose path is in the middle of the forest. Passes through which our guest is very much attracted and he very much likes to go through the forest in that river.

Exotic luxury Camp Shivpuri

The exotic luxury camp here is also known as the Exotic beach Camp because foreign tourists come here to enjoy a lot of pleasure, foreign tourists find this mountain mountain river forest where the beautiful valleys are very attractive, it is our guest in our camp to do research and research here. Excited to know more and more about the camp Foreign tourists are very happy when they enter these beautiful valleys. This camp Shivpuri luxury camp has been built according to the tourist wish, because the mountains, mountains, rivers and trees, birds and beautiful beautiful comforts are liked by the tourists. also enjoy immensely we take full care of the guest's living conditions according to the order of the guest in our camp so that he is happy and satisfied with our arrangement this is our endeavor and has been.

Swiss camp in Shivpuri

Shivpuri luxury ac camp is one of the best camp of Uttarakhand, it is the best of all type guest like local and Foreigners because the camp is providing all type adventure. Which is very good for foreign And our entire guest. We are always try to happy our customers and satisfied.

Bungee jumps and Zipline is always like.We are provided with the best facilities for the guest and we try our best that all our guests should enjoy our campsite post swimming pool and Jungle view beautiful nature view beautiful photo scene it has always been our endeavor to be the only Uttarakhand.

Shivpuri luxury camp in which every Effort is made to provide the best facilities and our entire staff is engaged in the service of the guest so that the guest does not face any problem in our luxury camp and he is satisfied in every facility we have in Rishikesh.

Hill side camping in Shivpuri

Shivpuri luxury camp is a hillside camp in itself as it is situated in the valleys of beautiful hills. Its beauty is highly breathtaking because of the hills which are beautiful and breathtaking. Tourists are drawn to the camp because the natural beauty has slowed down to the camp, which makes it appear that this hillside camp has been adopted by nature in its lap.

Beach Camping in Shivpuri under the Stars

Shivpuri Beach Camping ranks second on the best things to do list after white water rafting. Beautiful scenery and a pleasant environment make it a great camping spot. There are not just rafters who come to Shivpuri during the rafting season, but campers who see the stars through the darkness as well. Additionally, you can please your taste buds with simple yet delicious food in Rishikesh.

Adventure Activities

  • We offer luxury camps as well as adventure activates like rafting.
  • Kayaking Cycling, Mountain Expedition, Hill side trekking.
  • Rock climbing, Bungee jump, Zip line, water fall trekking.
  • Foreigners also enjoy a lot of Shivpuri luxury camp along with yoga and meditation.
  • River Rafting with Zipline package

    Shivpuri luxury camp is gives you a chance of best zipline in Rishikesh, Zip line is an adventure activity, its set up is located in Shivpuri,its arrival and departure is at a distance of both side 800 meters. That is good for entertainment.

    It is above the river Ganga, it is very attractive, and attract the guest a lot because it’s amazing, luxury camps in Shivpuri giving you the best opportunity in which Rafting is also added with Zipline.

  • Zipline with luxury camping rafting - Rs. 2500 PP
  • Rafting of 16 km - Rs. 800 PP
  • Luxury camping with rafting 16 Km - Rs. 2800 PP
  • Luxury camping with rafting 12 Km - Rs. 2400 PP

  • We provide guest activities with more discount ,so that the guests keep coming here for year and years and be satisfied. And enjoy adventure activities. And we just want our guests to go happy always.

    Extra Charges

    It is charges according the guest order and which is add the menu book Many guest according their choice order. It is our endeavor that whatever order are placed by the guest, they are successfully delivered them. That s why Shivpuri luxury camp is the best camp in Uttarakhand, we always try to keep the guest happy and be satisfied.

    Accommodation and meal plan

    Breakfast: Stuff Parantha, Curd, Bread Toast/Butter/Jam, Milk/Coffee with /Poha /Daliya
  • Lunch: Dal Fry, Dry Veg, Curry Paneer, Raita, Roti, Rice,Salad, Papad Pickles,.
  • Dinner :Dal makhni, Malai Kofta ,Dry Veg, Roti, Rice,Salad, Pickles and Sweets.
  • Evening Snacks
  • Accommodation and meal plan

  • 01 N /02 D Package : Accommodation meal 12 Km Rafting @2400 PP
  • 01 N / 02 D Package : Accommodation meal 16 km Rafting @2800 PP
  • 01 N / 02 Package : Accommodation meal 26 Km Rafting @3400 PP
  • 02 N / 03 D Package : Accommodation meal 10 Km Rafting @2000 PP
  • 02 N / 03 D Package : Accommodation meal 16 km Rafting @ 3800 PP
  • 02 N / 03 Package : Accommodation meal 26 Km Rafting @ 4800 PP
  • Beach Camping in Shivpuri

    luxury camping in shivpuri

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    Riverside Camping in Shivpuri

    riverside camping in shivpuri

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    ac Camping in

    ac camping in shivpuri

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    Jungle Camping in Shivpuri

    jungle camping in shivpuri

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    AC Cottages in Shivpuri

    ac cottages in shivpuri

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