Best Water Sports in Shivpuri Camping: 10% Discount on Deluxe Camp Package

For camping sports, no one will get higher than the exceptional camping in Shivpuri, the most inexpensive and fine sports you'll get handiest in your finances because the fee of sports is saved only after seeing the price range of our patron right here Shivpuri Camps offers you complete possibility fun.

Is taken into consideration as a visitor god in our camp. And all of us know what they prefer, it truly is why our adventure is going on no 1 due to the fact just to please our guests, it will likely be a count of good fortune for us.

However that doesn't stop our little sports activities fans from sweating it out within the sun. In case you are looking for sports activities-based summer season camps on your toddler- there are numerous interesting names which

Might be organizing amusing camps for the ultimate part of summer time. register your youngsters and watch them examine a international of things thru sports.

Kayaking with rafting

Then you can contact us directly. Provide your guest and children after 13 years are allowed rafting. Keeping the enthusiasm that is seen in the children, we tell our guide that Take full care of your happiness, no person should have any problem.

There is no danger of any kind in kayaking and rafting because All our guides are experts in this adventure. And completely perfect, the guide is given training for 3 years, then the guest is given activity,

The quality of this camp is so beautiful that every tourist here can take full advantage of it and it gives an impression that this luxury camp Shipuri located in our Uttarakhand is full of beautiful scenery.

Camping environment

Here you are going to have a lot of fun doing programs, morning yoga, meditation, etc. under the open sky, you can enjoy doing something. We claim that you are going to have a lot of fun with the camp activities, whatever customer visits here. It stays for two days instead of one day.

All of the courageous human beings! Could you like to fly amidst the splendor of nature amidst rivers, forest, s and mountains in Shivpuri? if yes! Then pass on, Tent Trek is here to immerse yourself in an out of doors journey packed with impressive joy: and communal, spontaneous and useful, utterly fun, and enriching. .

The atmosphere of the camp is completely open, very clear air, clear water, full of speed, the rays of the sun seem as if they are coming in heaven, such fresh air and clear water, beautiful mountains, open spaces, beautiful green views everywhere, the view of such a scene is only for our Our camp is going to be found nearby. We warmly welcome the guest.

Activity in Shivpuri Camping

When you travel with Tent N Trek, you can enjoy deep forest camping, fun-filled stays, excursions, jungle safaris, and peak climbing expeditions. Join the community where travel explorers and tour guides teach you how to join a mind-blowing adventure! .

Rishikesh Shivpuri, a visitor vacation spot recognized to many but definitely explored by few. if you sense the urge to count number yourself among the ones few explorers, this riverside tenting is your next vacation spot. revel in the clean air amidst the high mountains and get yourself an adventurous enjoy thru amusing activities like mountaineering, flying fox, river trek, rope, waterfall trek, jumping, outdoor and so on. a really perfect getaway to lose yourself in the lap of nature. .

Camps Adventure

If you are in the mood for adventure, then camping in Shivpuri camp is going to be the best camp for you, it is not just a matter of saying or listening, come and see for yourself, it can happen once in the camp and not for the second time and you If you do not come to enjoy the camping, .

Then what is the use because those who did not come to our camp, understand that nothing has been done, then yes, here is the vulgar treasure of nature, if you see, you will not be able to forget where there is pollution in these big cities

It has not been made like this, but it tells that where these polluted air and water are the atmosphere, the same Uttarakhand In this place of Our lovely and wonderful camp has also been built in a small village of Shivpuri in our Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand. River rafting is important in adventure and lots of other adventures like zip line like .

Ganga adventure are achieved, then consistent with the guest, we also do journey something the adventure guest is aware like mountaineering, bungee jump, flying fox, and many others. in our camp. We deliver all the centers to the guest, which they deserve, come to the plains of Uttarakhand, .

Camp view

Very lovely view of camp. so that Lose yourself in those stunning mountains and rivers where these natures has adorned for us and we've organized a stunning camp for you inside the lap of this nature, in which according to you, all the food objects, the pool is truly easy and bloodless or hot water is saved geared up in line with the season. .

Taken care we’ve got taken care of virtually the whole thing and preparations so that you without difficulty find the whole lot that's proper for you At Camp Shivpuri we will by no means let your visitors down, our happiness lies in your happiness.

Yes. In which there are activities worth full money like body surfing and much more, whichever guest is there once. Will definitely come again after seeing our facilities and service.

Camps Activity

Sr. No. Activity Cost per Person (INR)
1 Entry ticket 100,00
2 Buggy jump 3550.00
3 Giant swing 3550.00
4 Flying Fox(In tandem) 1800.00
5 Combo-1(bunggy+flying fox) 4750.00
6 Combo-2(Flying Fox Swing) 4750.00
7 Trilogy combo(all 3Activities) 4750.00
8 Thrilogy Combo (All 3 Activies) 8250.00

We provide you the cheapest package in the activity, although this camp itself is a beautiful feeling, which is attractive as well as beauty, you are not going to get such a camp.

As a developing hotspot for travelers, Rishikesh has lots of adventure sports to offer and Zipline over the Ganges is one in every of them. Zipline pastime site being close to to our luxury camps so we provide combination bundle of tenting, rafting & zip line. Here is quick information about the zipline .

  • Length Of Zipline - 750 meters
  • Only Zipline value - INR 1500 per person
  • Minimal top required to do Zipline - 4 toes 6 inches
  • study greater approximately Zipline in Rishikesh
  • Camping and Tent Facilities

    Camp has almost all facilities but main features like attached washroom and power backup Wi-Fi water is available 24/7. Double bed with single bed included Air cooler etc. All tents included.

    the guest cannot return disappointed from our camp from anywhere because the camp has been made according to the guest that our guest material and material pleasure is our Can be picked up by Camp's Service. And in our camp so many facilities are made available to the guest that there is never any complai.

    High mountains, and clear river streams, which makes it an ideal place to set up a scenic campsite. If you are a nature lover, then this camp allows you to explore. Different types of trees like banana, peach, plum, and apricot. Campsite in Shivpuri also with the whole team Comes with a variety of activities to enjoy like forest and nature treks, rappelling, and many different indoor and outdoor sports.

    Sports at Shivpuri Camping

  • Hiking, Fishing, hen watching, Gola forest variety, River Crossing, mountain climbing.
  • Rappelling, fun games within the river, bonfire, bungee jump mountaineering, badminton, chess / carom board.

  • Room Information

    We've got 34 luxury rooms available. these luxury rooms are available always in which you'll get easy 24/7 hours. there is no doubt approximately it. it's far stated that there is simplest one such camp in Rishikesh this is made available 24/7 as in line with visitor, that is the cause that our camp comes at primary no longer only in Rishikesh but also in Uttarakhand.

    And the room is geared up with a strength backup and air cooler, the washroom is likewise provided with water. there may be no scarcity of any kind in the room. This camp is 100% guaranteed. Even in case you discover any scarcity, the camp provides all sorts of centers to the visitor.

    Beach Camping in Shivpuri

    luxury camping in shivpuri

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    Riverside Camping in Shivpuri

    riverside camping in shivpuri

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    ac Camping in

    ac camping in shivpuri

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    Jungle Camping in Shivpuri

    jungle camping in shivpuri

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    ac cottages in shivpuri

    AC Cottages in Shivpuri

    ac cottages in shivpuri

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